AXIA Reapplication

Thu Nov 23 09:02:02 2017

Process for reapplying for an AXIA account

In order to reapply for an AXIA account, please complete the following procedures.
You may complete steps 1 and 2 from this webpage. Please note that applications to reapply for an AXIA account will not be accepted unless all of the procedures have been completed.

1. Reapplication Confirmation Test

Before reapplying for an AXIA account, you must take a confirmation test. You must answer all of the questions correctly in order to reapply for an AXIA account.

2.Temporary Registration for AXIA Reapplication

After answering all of the confirmation test questions correctly, you will be transferred to the AXIA reapplication temporary registration webpage. You will need to enter the following: After entering the information, a confirmation page will appear. After confirming your user name and name (in English) please complete the temporary registration.

3. Office Procedures (Confirmation in person/Turn in AXIA Reapplication form)

Come to the designated information counter to fill out the AXIA Reapplication form, and present your student ID card in order to complete the necessary procedures.
Your AXIA Reapplication will be accepted after student confirmation has been made.
You will be able to use the password you selected during temporary registration from 12:00 midnight the day after you come to the office.
If you do not complete the office procedures, your password will not be activated.
Please begin by taking the following confirmation test.